Welcome to the Tribe!

The first practice will be delivered to your inbox tomorrow morning, but let’s get started now!  

Step One: Check your email and click the confirm button. If it's not in your inbox in a few minutes, don't forget to check your spam and trash folders.

Step Two: Download your workbook by clicking here. You can print it out or type directly on the pages-just be sure to save a local copy. Read over the Intentions section and jot down what you’re hoping to get out of this course.

Step Three: Create space for these practices. Light some candles, brew your favorite tea, and get in the zone. Ritualize this. Carve out 30 minutes on your calendar. Let this course serve as delicious, juicy you time.

Over the next 5 days, I’ll be sending you one simple, actionable practice you can do right away to begin building your truth-trusting muscles and moving toward the impact you were born for.

 See you tomorrow!