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Welcome to The Calling Connection, a 5-Part Masterclass for creative, passionate women who want to find their passion and use it for good.


Of course you have the passion and determination to live your calling...if only you knew what your calling was!


The Calling Connection is an unconventional way of discovering what you're meant to do. As we explore each of the Calling Connectors—Heart, Mind, Soul, and Body— you'll clean out the mental clutter keeping you stuck and uncover your purposeful mission so you can finally find the meaningful, impactful career, business, or incredible life you crave.


What would you be able to do if you weren't constantly second guessing your path?

By the End of This Class, You Will:


  • have more clarity about yourself and your calling
  • have a crystal clear understanding of what you want to experience in your career or business
  • be able to connect your desires to doing good in the world
  • be in touch with your intuition instead of everyone else’s advice
  • have a personal North Star so you’ll know exactly what to do next
  • outline action steps to move you forward

You'll Receive:


  • 5 video tutorials that you can download and revisit anytime you want
  • a in-depth workbook with practical action challenges and space for journaling
  • lifetime access to the course
  • discounts on 1:1 coaching

Grab your lifetime access to the course now!


“Before The Calling Connection, my mind and thoughts were all over the place. Now, I’m able to better analyze my thoughts and then hone in on them to make the best decisions for moving forward. It definitely brought the insight and new perspective I was needing!”

-Janna M.

Janna M

Imagine losing the people-pleasing, perfectionism, and “supposed to’s.”

Imagine having the clarity to know your direction and the courage to trust it.

The Calling Connection is the first step toward building a career you love and opening a pathway out of overwhelm and into action.

Meet Your Teacher

Hey, I'm Amy! I'm a certified career and business coach for women who want to change the world.

Before I really understood my calling, I knew I wanted to make a difference and stand up for what I believed in, but I genuinely didn’t know how. I was so jealous of people who always knew what to do with their lives. I didn’t really know what I was qualified for, and no one thing felt like “it.” I had ideas of what my calling could be, but “helping people” sounded really vague and hard to quantify on a resume or business plan. I went on the exact journey I'll lead you through in The Calling Connection, and everything finally clicked!

Meet Amy