What if living your passion were easy?

What if you had a crystal clear idea of exactly what you wanted to do with your life, a way to articulate it into a business vision, and some concrete action steps to make it happen?

Picture it: time freedom, creative autonomy, mental white space, and the ability to live and work with a passionate purpose...all without draining your life savings and throwing security out the window.

All you have to do is say yes to the adventure. I'll help you create the vision and figure out the logistics.

women's leadership coach

In this 6-Month Creative Mentorship, we'll lay a strong foundation for a business that sustains you—both financially and creatively.

By the end of our time together, you will:

  • have clarity on exactly how your passions can become a profitable business
  • learn how to manage your time so you can focus more on your passions, even if you have a soul-sucking day job
  • move past the paralysis analysis of so. many. choices
  • push through the overwhelm of not knowing where to start and what to focus on by getting personalized feedback and recommendations
  • be able to articulate what you do to clients and customers with confidence (and without feeling gross and salesy)
  • Get some hard data on how to monetize your business idea and see if it's actually something people will pay for
  • Learn how to stay consistently motivated to take action on your goals

Investment = $2299

(monthly payment plans available)


What People Are Saying About Coaching:


In just one coaching call, Amy was able to hear ME and what I needed for my work. She was incredibly present in our conversation, and was able to "read between the lines" when I was explaining to her what needed to come to my business at the time. She is intentional, practical, and breaks it down so you don't feel overwhelmed. From the short list of action items we created from our conversation, I was able to gain 2 new clients and fill the slots that I needed!

-Mary T.

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women's leadership coach
  • you're a creative, passionate woman at a crossroads and you want to be intentional about what's next

  • you long for the 1:1 support you need to break through limiting beliefs, rediscover your passions, and create a plan to move forward with confidence

  • you're an aspiring entrepreneur and you want to lay a strong business foundation without getting overwhelmed

  • you're an established business owner who wants figure out how to make business both fulfilling to your soul and your bank account 

Working with Amy during one of the biggest career transitions of my life was exactly what I needed. I came to her with tons of ideas buzzing around in my head, and week by week, she guided me though customizing my life and my work, and building it exactly how I envisioned it to be. By the end of our time together, I had a clear path of how I would move forward. Her support was amazing and she did a great job at helping me discover the blocks holding me back from starting my own business. Without hesitation, I would recommend Amy!

-Carla of Carla Romo Coaching

Women's Startup Mentor- Amy Everhart Coaching
women's leadership coach
  1. You click the "get started" button to schedule a short phone call with me where we'll get acquainted (with recommendations and without pressure)

  2. We both decide whether working together is a good fit

  3. I send you the "booking" link where you pick your payment plan: $2299 upfront or 6 monthly payments of $399.

  4. You schedule our 1st session in the convenient online portal, and I'll send you a welcome packet with goodies to get you started

Women's Business Coach - Amy Everhart Coaching

I was struggling to get through the day in a job I had lost my passion for, but I was stuck in fear of the unknown and guilt over leaving a career I had put so much into.  Amy has been an inspiring breath of fresh air, and every call with her leaves me feeling empowered, full of worth, and pretty badass.  She helped me get the strength to let go of expectations and find what I really love.

-Katie T.

women's leadership coach
  • Mastering your mindset to figure out what’s really holding you back and then removing those blocks
  • Getting clarity around your calling and creating a vision of how it meaningfully impacts the world
  • Getting Organized and creating personal practices to keep you motivated, focused, and aligned with your big picture goals
  • Money: number-crunching, what to charge, and how to get clients
  • Making space in your schedule for your purposeful work (even if you have a day job)
  • Creating personal productivity rituals to make sure your priorities get done
  • How to be of service and figure out who your ideal clients are and what to offer them 
  • Branding and building confidence on how to talk about yourself and what you do (in web copy, on social media, when networking)
  • Designing your life intentionally so that your business nourishes not only the people you serve, but your soul and your finances, too!
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While working with Amy, I finally found the courage to quit my job after months of inner turmoil. Amy helped remind me that the only way to be authentic is to have a career that's based on my values. It's been two months since I've quit my job, and I'm now building a strong foundation for my business, one that reflects my authenticity and true self. I'm so excited for what's to come!

-Sharlene M.


  • 1 90-minute foundation coaching session

  • 11 60-minute coaching sessions over the course of 6 months (every other week)

  • Homework assignments and unlimited email support between coaching sessions

  • Bonus access to the ELI Assessment (kind of like a Myers-Briggs for your mindset!) and a 13-page results booklet detailing your personal energy and mindset blocks ($300 value)

  • Bonus access to The Calling Connection, an online course that helps you define your purpose ($57 value)

  • Surprise goodies in the mail

Investment = $2299

(or $399/mo for 6 months)

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"One of my favorite sayings is, 'Empowered women empower women.' From the first time I met Amy, I could tell she embodied this concept more than anyone else I knew. I was immediately impressed with her ability to pose just the right questions to help others to be more reflective, to go deeper into their craft, and to find what they were passionate about. Now that Amy has built her own coaching business, I can attest that she is still one of the most intuitive, empathetic, and inspirational women I've ever worked with. Amy is passionate about using her talents to help others step into their own power. If you're looking to find a guide for your journey, you need look no further."

-Amanda C.


Your growth gives back.

When you sign up for 1:1 coaching, $50 of your tuition will go directly to Kurandza, an organization devoted to sending Mozambican girls to school and empowering Mozambican women through entrepreneurship. 

When you give yourself the gift of investing in your success, you're also sharing that gift with women across the globe. 

Kurandza Girls -Amy Everhart Coaching

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Imagine hopping on Facetime with your BFF to brainstorm solutions to your biggest fears...except your BFF is an expert in wrangling big dreams in clarity and action. That's what coaching is like.

Coaching is the place where strategy and soul combine…a place where we can explore your wildest dreams and craft a thoughtful plan, so you can spend your time and energy doing what you really love: making a difference and creating really cool stuff.

You might even be a whole lot closer than you think.

Monique F.

"I'm finally feeling in control! I knew I wanted to do great things, but I just couldn't get the ball rolling. Turned out, my confidence and clarity levels on turning my passion into a meaningful business were pretty low. Coaching with Amy helped bring awareness and meaning back into my work. It took some soul-digging, but now I can proudly say that I feel confident in my calling! It feels incredible to have control of where I want to take my work and life. I plan to continue to use these tools to keep moving forward with my goal of positively influencing people’s lives."

-Monique F.

women's leadership coach


  • Your current life is okay, but you’re dreaming of more

  • You're slightly nervous to make a change, but overall, you're curious about what "more" could look like

  • You have a secret passion, but you're not sure it will work or count as a "real" job

  • You want a sounding board, partner, and someone to hold your hand and point you in the direction of your soul

  • You long for the courage to be the shiniest, most dazzlingly sovereign version of yourself

  • You roll your eyes at ads that promise "3 easy steps to making 6 figures while sipping cocktails on the beach" and prefer real support from someone who's been there

  • Cubicle life just doesn't light you up

  • You know you'd always regret it if you never at least tried to make your passionate purpose a reality

  • You find yourself daydreaming what it would be like if every day were "bring your soul to work day"


Are you are a creative, passionate woman who wants to make the world a better place?

This is your pathway.