I got to hang out with the lovely and talented Nisha Moodley recently, and she said some words of truth that immediately landed in my gut and stayed there. She said, 

“You don’t want to fight with your soul. Your soul will win.”


“Oooooh,” I thought. “That’s real. Like REAL real.” Then I thought, “Okay, that’s a great idea, but…what does it mean to fight your soul? And how does one stop fighting?”

Let’s say the opposite of soul fighting is soul harmony, or even soul surrender. Let’s call it the idea that every human on the planet was born with some purpose, some part to play in the grand scheme of life, and it’s our job to be soul detectives…to find what that purpose is and surrender to it, welcoming it in and embodying it, and when we do so, everything will align, and we’ll finally feel that peaceful breathing out of being exactly where we are supposed to be, of being exactly WHO we are supposed to be. 

This sounds exactly like your current reality, right?

Okay, maybe not. Maybe you and your soul are in conflict. That’s okay.

There’s a really cool theory called “The Acorn Theory” that basically says that you were born with a soul purpose, like an acorn in the ground. And your acorn is unable to sprout until conditions are ripe for it to blossom, bloom, and grow. Too much water? Stuck in the ground. Dry desert wasteland? No growing here.

You soul works the same way as an acorn. Until conditions are right in your life, you can’t grow and bloom into the kickass soul purpose you were born with. It’s there, lingering under the surface, but until conditions are nurturing enough to sprout, your soul purpose stays stuck in the ground.

And when you stop watering your acorn (like telling yourself stories about how you'll never be confident) or when you actively cultivate harsh conditions (like staying in a gross job or unfulfilling business because you feel like you have no other options), you are fighting your soul.

So how do you stop?  


Pretty much every single one of my clients says something to the effect of, “I’m really, really drawn to this type of career or business!  But I can’t see logically how it would work, so I guess I need to shut that idea down.” 

Um, no. Just because you don’t know HOW to do something or how it would work doesn’t mean that it won’t work out at all.  It just means you need to do a little research. 

You didn’t know how to walk or drive a car or pay taxes at one point in your life, but you figured it out.  Stop shutting down your deep soul yearning just because the endpoint is unclear.  Trust me-I tried HARD to avoid a career of writing and empowering women because I didn’t have a clue what it would look like or how it would pay the bills (spoiler alert: my soul won).  Looking back, listening to my soul could have saved a lot of time.  If you tend to shut things down because they seem too out there or unrealistic, suspend disbelief for just a few days and ask yourself some deep questions. Try painting from a totally blank canvas.  What would you do if you had all the time and money in the world and everyone in your life was nothing short of enthusiastically supportive?  Yup, that’s at least one piece of your soul purpose.  


#2: Cultivate a sense of trust. 

Tell yourself that all things in the Universe are conspiring in your favor {even if you don’t believe it completely}.  Get out of the masculine energy of  doing: “I must figure this out now!” and step into the feminine energy of receiving: “I can’t wait to see what solutions fall all over themselves to find me!”  For someone with a lot of get-it-done-right-now masculine energy like me, looking for evidence that I’m okay to put it down and trust has been a complete game changer.  This type of surrender can be exceptionally hard (even if you’re not a control freak), but finding things that allow you to trust that your soul purpose is looking for you, too will increase your peace tremendously.  And hey, if that sounds like woo-woo nonsense, that’s cool, too.  Give it a try, fake it till you make it, and just see how you feel.


#3: Create soul space. 

This one's my personal favorite.  Again, your acorn is unable to grow if the conditions are garbage.  Stop neglecting (or actively poisoning) your fertile soul ground.  Ask yourself: What do I need to do to improve my soul’s environmental conditions?  For many of my clients, this looks like authenticity…getting really honest with yourself about what you actually want from life.  Throw your resume in the trash can and get to know who are in reality, not just on paper, and NOT who you've been told you ought to be.  For me personally, soul space is SLOWING DOWN.  Taking long baths with a candle and a book and turning off all technology, even if work’s not totally done.  Or taking long walks in nature to clear my head.  Your soul purpose isn't something you create-it's something you rediscover when all the BS is cleared away.  Whatever works for you: take a break, be real, and let your quest for direction breathe.  Marvelous things come up when you create space.

If you’re looking for a sign that you have a purpose and that purpose is waiting to find you, this is it. 

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