Passion: 3 Tarot Spreads for Finding Your Passion

Finding Your Passion

Have you ever been at a crossroads and really wanted someone to just tell you what to do already? When we’re trying to figure out our direction or reconnect to our purpose, sometimes, it helps to get really strategic, linear, and productive….and sometimes, it helps to get out of your head and into your intuition.

That’s where today’s practice comes in. Most strategic advice on finding your passion focuses on figuring out the intersection of what you’re good at and what people will pay you to do, but if you’re creative and multi-passionate, that logical piece is only part of the puzzle. Are you ready to get creative with your passion puzzle?

Cool! Because today, I’m going to show you three quick, easy tarot spreads to help you figure out what to do with your life, where to focus, and how to determine your next steps. Sound good? Then let’s dive in.

How Does Tarot Help With Finding Your Passion?

This process is especially helpful if you’ve felt stuck or disconnected from your passions for a while. A few months ago, I was working with a client who felt really stuck between all of her various passions and had no clue which direction to move in. “I have taken every quiz in the book. I’ve been stuck so long that I don’t think I’ll ever figure it out! At this point, I’m ready to call Miss Cleo or click on one of those ‘free psychic reading’ ads,” she laughed. “Help!”

“That’s actually a brilliant idea,” I told her. “Maybe you’re stuck because you’re trying so hard to figure things out. Let’s play with it. If trying to logically figure things out isn’t working, let’s literally pull out a deck of cards right now and see if we can use a more intuitive method to see what’s going on.”

I did a quick tarot spread for her in our coaching session and held the cards up to the computer screen, asking her to weigh in on what she intuitively felt when she looked at the images. Lo and behold, lightbulbs started appearing all over the place. 

As tempting as it was to start calling myself a master card reader and tarot goddess, the process wasn’t actually that magical—We were simply looking at her problem through a symbolic lens. Just shifting her perspective away from logic and into intuition allowed answers to bubble up naturally, and she started relaxing and feeling more confident about her direction. While I love me some logical planning, tapping into your intuition in creative ways is just as important, especially if you want your next steps to feel intentional.

card reader

How Does It Work?

When it comes to tarot cards, some people believe that your spirit guides are directing to you to pull certain cards—that your energy is drawn to them and that your spiritual board of directors communicates with you more easily in this way.

Others simply believe that the cards are a mirror that reflects back what’s already in your psyche and waiting to come out. In this way, the cards can’t reveal anything that’s not already there.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, just think of tarot as another tool in your “finding your passion” toolkit. 

Shouldn’t I Just Get An Online Tarot Reading From an Expert? How Will I Know if I’m Doing it Right?

Doing it right is exactly what we’re trying to avoid, actually. Instead, we want to collapse your sense of right and wrong and enter into a dreamy, right-brained place of pure possibility. You don’t need an expert for this—just your intuition.

These spreads are all focused on accessing your intuition, and only you can do that.

How Do I Read the Cards for These Spreads?

There are two basic ways to read the cards for these specific spreads, and I suggest using a blend of each.

The Dictionary Method:

Just like words in the dictionary, each card has a specific meaning or set of meanings. Most tarot decks come with a small booklet or key that you can use to look up the meaning of a card…it serves as a sort of card dictionary. When you pull a card, you simply find the corresponding meaning in the dictionary to see what it’s attempting to communicate. This is my favorite online dictionary if you want to go that route.

The Intuitive Method:

With this method, you don’t need a dictionary or key to tell you what a cards means; instead; you simply analyze the imagery on the card and make up a personal meaning based on the associations you make and the way you interpret the images.

I’ve found that it helps to have a general understanding of the dictionary definition of the card—like keywords: The Tower means disaster, The Star means hope, etc—and then let your intuition speak from there.

Sometimes, your intuition may even contradict the dictionary definition!

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For example, my personal relationship with the 9 of Pentacles is a little different than its dictionary definition. In the dictionary, the 9 of Pentacles is known as the “single and happy” card, and it denotes the joys of independence, inner resourcefulness, and self sufficiency.

But for me personally, when I started developing my tarot practice, the card kept screaming “boundaries” at me. My intuition saw the woman, all peaceful and serene, in the lush garden she created for herself, and I thought, “This is what healthy boundaries look like.” She can let people into that garden if she chooses, but in her garden, she is sovereign.

You won’t really find that in the dictionary, but that card has a personal significance to me. Let’s find out what personal meanings are waiting for you!

For each of these spreads, you don’t need Miss Cleo or any other kind of psychic reading. Just shuffle your cards well, take some deep breaths to focus and drop into your intuition, and lay the cards out as pictured. 

Then get excited for the magic to unfold!

Tarot Spread for Finding Your Passion #1: The Crossroads

finding your passion

When to Use It: When you are choosing between a few different directions. 

This is a perfect spread when you have a couple different options to choose from. For example, let’s say you’re caught between staying in your current job, getting a new job, and turning your side hustle into a business. Lay out a card for each option and see what emerges. You’ll be surprised how clear and revealing this can be.

Why It’s Helpful: You’re essentially putting yourself through the gut check test. For example, let’s say that for the “side hustle into business” slot, you pull The Tower card, and you know that The Tower has a really negative meaning in the tarot dictionary, so you start to feel disappointed….because secretly, this is what you’ve been wanting all along. You may not have this “gut check” response in this spread, but it’s an excellent way to test yourself to see if you’re hoping a certain card will pop up.

Tarot Spread for Finding Your Passion #2: The Calling

finding your passion

When to Use It: When you need clarity about what you’re meant to do and what would make you happy. 

“What is my purpose on the planet?” can be a rather large and lofty question, so it’s natural to want a little external feedback here. If you’ve felt lost or confused about your passions, or if you struggle to name them at all, this spread gives you a quick jumping off point for thought and discussion. Pay close attention to what clues arise.

Why It’s Helpful: It gets you out of your head by enlisting support and including an action step, which is the quickest way to calling clarity.

Tarot Spread for Finding Your Passion #3: The Flow

finding your passion

When to Use It: When you’re already on a passionate, purposeful path, and you want to evaluate how it’s going and what can be further aligned and improved. 

For example, let’s say you’ve chosen to turn your side hustle into your full time gig, but you’re not sure how to make money yet. This is the perfect spread to evaluate what’s working and what’s not so that you can reach your goals.

Why It’s Helpful: It’s deep enough to provide some concrete advice while being simple enough that you won’t get stuck in “analysis paralysis” mode or feel like you have to go back to the drawing board.

Which tarot spread is your favorite? Leave a comment to let us know!

And if you want an extra helping of soul-food-meets-strategy, check out The Clarity Cure, a free online workshop that takes an even deeper dive into finding your passion and owning your path. No sketchy psychic reading required, all free in the resource library:


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