Big Changes At Amy Everhart Coaching

Big Changes at Amy E Coaching


Let's have a heart-to-heart about the reality of creating, growing, and nurturing a purposeful business (and life). When I started my coaching business, I had no idea how much it would grow and evolve, and I had no clue that it would push, test, and delight me in the most unexpected of ways.

I didn't just pick the idea out of the blue one day, but I did move fast, and didn't have enough support.

I got laid off from my day job the day after I finished my coach training program and thought, "Well. Here we go!"

The next few years were an exhilarating, humbling, chaotic, magical experience.


I was committed but clueless. I spent entire days staring at my computer, wondering, "I know should be building this dream, but what even is my dream? What should I be working on? Where should I start?"

My purposeful business journey has required more trust, faith, and grit than I knew I had, and supporting other amazing women on their way to empowerment has required me to deal with my own shit again and again.

While I'm not an "after" picture (because I'm still growing), things have changed, so I want to be transparent and clue you in on what's going down, as well as share some really exciting new stuff!

Welcoming The Mastermind


I'm shifting my focus.

For a while, I've been focused on career development alone. I was your go-to girl for finding your purpose and weaving it into your work. As I've expanded, so has my focus. Now instead of just helping you hone in on where you're headed, I'm also focusing on helping you launch your purpose in the world. Basically, I'm adding "business midwife" into my repertoire of skills and offerings. Maybe you have a dream of creating your own purposeful business, or maybe you're toying with the idea of starting a side hustle. Maybe you're just entrepreneurially curious or want to be more of a leader in your life.

Wherever you are on your journey, I want to help you express your highest form of service, your truest contribution, and then also turn that level of inspiration and tenderness back toward yourself. I can help you take up more space: in your life and in the marketplace. After all, entrepreneurship is a feminist act.


My expansion has given me new ways to support you.

I'm still here for the career development side, but you'll start seeing some new types of resources as well!

The majority of what I create to support you will continue to be free: here, in my newsletter, and on Instagram. But if you want a bigger helping of soul food and strategy, I'm now offering a gorgeous new option to work one-on-one with me and a mastermind to bring us together to create and heal in community. Keep reading to learn more about both of these opportunities.

Coaching is Fun


Wouldn't it be cool if every day were "Bring Your Soul to Work" day?

1:1 Coaching can make that happen. This new "outward" program will give you the clarity you need to go from dreaming to doing...even if you aren't sure what your direction is yet!

  • It's a 6-month, 1:1 creative mentorship with personalized support and strategy
  • Part personal development course and part strategic action plan
  • Includes the ELI Assessment to quickly uncover your blocks (like the Myers-Briggs, but for your mindset)
  • Helps you find your business or side hustle niche and clarify your impactful mission
  • Reveals who your ideal clients are, how to find them, and what offerings and content to create for them
  • Articulates your brilliance into web copy, an elevator pitch, and a dazzling brand

Click here to explore 1:1 Coaching.

The Mastermind


Can you remember who you were before the world told you who to be?

Let's uncover her in community. This new "inward" mastermind focuses on building our inner authority in sisterhood and then using it as a divine launch pad to do good in the world.

  • 3-month mastermind for passionate, creative women; including coaching, talking circles, masterclasses, and action challenges
  • Together, we’ll lose the good girl shoes and focus on creating what we really want in work and life
  • Partner with other amazing women on struggles and triumphs with sovereignty, identity, and self-care
  • Identify and remove energy leaks
  • Ritualize connecting with our intuition
  • Provide a sounding board for each others’ work and life to create a supportive container for sustainable creation

Click here to explore The Mastermind.

What you can continue to expect from me:




A firm commitment to inclusivity, as flawed as my attempts will be.

A safe space to do not only career work and business planning, but a safe haven for doing heart work, too.

The belief in your enoughness, your creativity, and in the inherent rightness and validity of your passions.

I'll still be in your inbox with weekly love letters, strategy guides, and inspiration, and I'll be out here in Internet-land cheering you on. Even if we never meet, I am lighting a candle for your dreams, your unflinching self-expression, and your ever-increasing ability to take up space and serve with grace. Won't you join me?


The Clarity Cure: A Free Masterclass

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