The 5 Ladies You Need in Your Career Squad



Much like your girl squad, your Career Squad has your back.  Everyone has a network, a group of people who can be relied upon to help you make connections, get introductions, and point you in the right direction. If you’ve heard the annoying phrase, “It’s all about who you know,” then you are already familiar with this concept. 

But a Career Squad is better than a network.


Partly because the bonds are deeper (think: your work BFF), but mostly because your Career Squad is a group of badass ladies who will always have your back, help you achieve your goals, and lovingly push you to be the best expression of yourself possible.

The 5 Ladies You Need in Your Career Squad


#1: The Unicorn

It would be easy to hate The Unicorn if she weren't so supportive.  She has it all and makes it all look easy.  Keep her close because when she ugly cries, you’ll remember that no one has it all figured out all of the time.  Plus, her success will motivate you to keep going.  This relationship works best with someone in a different industry or biz than you.  That way, your admiration for her success is less likely to curdle into jealousy.  Instead of getting jealous or telling yourself stories about your inferiority, ask her questions and let her help.


#2: The Overly Optimistic Cheerleader

This lady knows that when you get fired, it's just a magical opportunity in disguise and that everything will be fine.  She’s the one who tells you to go for it, details be damned!  She’s just crazy and enthusiastic enough to believe in your dreams when you’re wracked with doubt.  She's always up for a pep talk, so visit her cubicle or Instagram when you need a boost of encouragement. The Overly Optimistic Cheerleader works best when paired with...


#3: The Details Queen

This is the logical lady who keeps you from going too far out into left field with a new idea or project. You can always rely on her to (lovingly) find the flaws in your plans and help you fix them before you release your baby into the wild where haters abound. You can always send her your resume, cover letter, or even an intense blog post and count on her to help you tweak it to perfection. This woman can spot a problem coming a mile away, and she uses this superpower to cover your blindspots. 


#4: The Connector

She knows like..literally...everyone, and she's never hesitant to introduce you to them, too.  She has a resource, article, or helpful infographic for every problem you’re struggling with, and she’ll gladly send it over ASAP.  She gets that who you know helps, and she always has suggestions for whom to chat with to get your foot in the door.


#5: The Diplomat

This woman is a conflict resolution ninja who always has sage advice for sticky situations at work.  She is capable of finding the win-win in the awkwardest of interactions and is always there to talk you off a ledge when blowing up at your annoying coworker seems inevitable.  She's your go-to for broaching scary subjects with the boss, and you can always count on her to give a balanced perspective when you're off your alignment.


Which ladies do you need to add to your own Career Squad?  

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