This is the last in the "Put Your Oxygen Mask on First" Series, and we're going to do things slightly differently today.  As we've discussed before, I have not always been great at self-care.  Other-care?  A++  

Self-Care?  Meh, not so much.  

I'm getting better at it, but if you're like me, it's an ongoing journey.  Instead of focusing on a specific aspect of self-care (like last week's post on asking for what you need), today I'm going to point you in the direction of the most game-changing tools I've found.  I've scoured the internet for the best self-care resources so you can use them immediately or bookmark them for later.  You're welcome.

When you do a Google deep-dive on self-care, a great deal of resources come up for moms, teachers, and social workers, and you'll see some of that here; however, I have never met a difference-making lady on any career path who was great at making time and creating space for herself.  So whether or not you're a mom, and whether or not your profession recognizes the need for self-care, this stuff is absolutely for you.  Check out the stuff that resonates with you and chuck out the rest.


Ultimate SelfCare Resource List


The Best Self-Care Book

Super You by Emily V. Gordon

Super You

I have a giant girl crush on Emily V. Gordon.  She's a therapist-turned-comedienne, she has a kickass wardrobe, and everything she says is brilliant.  This book is an in-depth look at being the best you possible, and just reading it feels nurturing.  My favorite section is called "Making Emotions Your Bitch." Read about it here.


The Best Self-Care App



I am a coach, I have a coach, and I love all things coaching.  The best way to get unstuck for good is by working with someone who really gets it and can help you move forward....but sometimes it's 2AM, your mind won't shut off, and your coach is asleep.  Download Unstuck and play.

Unstuck Feelings.jpg

It's a pretty brilliant, interactive tool that hones in on how you're feeling, what you're thinking, and what you need.  It doesn't do the deep work of shifting beliefs and getting clarity, but it is a fantastic emergency self-care method for when you're freaked out by something and don't know where to start.

Unstuck Moving On

First, you identify your "stuck" feelings, then you choose from a deck of cards which "stuck" thoughts most resonate with you.  The app tallies both of these up and gives you some recommendations for ways to get unstuck in the moment, plus it saves your "stuck" if you need to come back to it later.  Oh, and it's free.


The Best Self-Care Plan

The University of Buffalo's Self-Care Starter Kit

Starter Kit.jpg

If you are super serious about making self-care a big life priority, go to the University of Buffalo's Self-Care Starter Kit and explore.  This one is geared toward Social Workers, but there is good stuff for everyone.  

There are separate tools, worksheets, checklists, and resources for understanding what self-care is, why it's important, and the different aspects you can focus on.  Plus, it gives you a guide for creating both an ongoing maintenance plan AND a 911-self-care-emergency plan.  Also, it contains bonus resources for building your support system.


The Best Self-Care Rules

Kate Northrup's Rules for Sane Living

Kate Northrup

In addition to being an all-around cool human being, Kate Northrup (like us) likes to live more and strive less.  One of my personal favorite Kate-isms is her "Rules for Sane Living."  It's a super short, super simple list of basic things she needs to make living life actually feel good.  Read her rules and then create a list of your own.


The Best Self-Care Suggestions


Home Spa Day.jpg

Pinterest is my very favorite place to see what actual, real-life humans are doing for self-care.  If a long, serious, University-developed self-care plan isn't your thing, cool.  Type "self-care ideas" into the Pinterest search bar and see what comes up.  Create an entire board for the ideas that resonate with you.  I've had clients use this idea to plan home spa days, self-love alters, camping get-aways, etc.  Devote an entire board to the things that make you feel expansive and then actually go out and do them.


Which tool are you going to incorporate right now? 

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