7 Truths I Learned in 2016 + How I'm Setting Intentions for Next Year


“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”

-Zora Neale Hurston


I knew we were in trouble the day David Bowie died.

Let’s face it guys. A lot has happened in 2016.


If 2015 answered my big life questions, 2016 asked a brand new batch that I wasn’t ready for. I fell on my face a lot, and learned some things…chief among them that being a certified life coach does NOT mean you have it all figured out.


Here are some of the biggest truths I wrestled with, embraced, embodied, and generally came to terms with this year + the strategies I'm using to set intentions for next year and some easy ways for you to do the same.

Truth #1: I get jealous. A lot.

I cannot count the times this year I have looked at someone else's Instagram and thought, "Damn. Why don't I have that?/Do that?/Look like that?/etc." I think I'm learning that Instagram is highlight reel of someone's life...not the whole story.


Truth #2: Sometimes, I miss church.

Dogma isn’t for me, but the lack of community has left a hole in my heart that sometimes pops up when I'm not expecting it.


Truth #3: Everything I want is possible and happening, but it takes twice as long I expect it to.

Setting intentions is magical because they eventually work as long as I do…but I was not gifted with patience at birth, and I haven’t learned it yet either.  I get incredibly impatient with my goals, so I have instituted a "backward system" of looking at my progress rather than a "forward system." Basically, this means that I'm looking back at where I used to be and how far I've come rather than how far I have left to go. For example, this time last year, I hadn't published a single blog post (because fear), and now I have a regular, sustainable, fun writing and blogging practice that does not include fear. Focusing on that win rather than what I haven't yet achieved has made a big difference to my mental state.


Truth #4: You can't vote your body off the island.

The intellectual, spiritually evolved parts of me want to relegate the body to 2nd-class citizen status, but for true wholeness to happen, my body has to be invited to the party, too.


Truth #5: Inspiration itself has value.

I have had to ask myself repeatedly, “What is the value of inspiration?” this year because I've been so hung up on making things very valuable for you, my rad audience, and I’ve been defining valuable as “practical in a tangible way.”  I'm discovering that inspiration is, in fact, very valuable on its own because it creates engaged action. And with engaged action, you can literally create anything. Even the "fluffy" stuff we make is immensely valuable if it comes from a place of deep truth. 


Truth #6: Sometimes people who aren’t from New Orleans will take my joie de vivre as alcoholism. I think I am okay with this.

I am actually very responsible and even healthy, but who cares what they think? They can do them, and I’ll do me.


Truth #7: It’s so much easier to color inside the lines than it is to dream.

This year, my coach gave me permission to dream big, to really play full out, brainstorm, and think about my pie-in-the-sky dreams. Dreamland was fun, but it seemed to open up a chasm of possibilities underneath me. I couldn’t help but fall in, and it has not been a comfortable journey. In the chasm were secrets! I have discovered that I was born to to be a mama to humanity-to feed it and help it grow and  evolve. This piece I just know in my bones. So if my purpose is really that ingrained and important, it’s probably okay to trust it even if the logistics don’t make sense at this point. I find this idea very expansive and also terrifying and also exciting and also I hate it. 

So...what happens next?

One the biggest things I've noticed from my work with clients is that the people who have the toughest time with this question have a tendency to stay stuck, while the people who can take their awareness and use it to build a next step? They usually get whatever forward momentum they want.

Here are the big 5 questions I'm using to help myself suss out what intentions I want to set for 2017, and answer: What happens next?


  1. When I look back on the entirety of 2016, what are the three things I am most proud of?

  2. Next time this year, how do I want to feel?

  3. If I could only solve one problem/achieve one thing in 2017, what would that one thing be?

  4. What are the top five things I need to do on a weekly or monthly basis to feel that way/solve that one problem/achieve that one thing?

  5. What will I need to let go of to move into the next year/the next phase of me?


Leave a comment and let me know what your one big thing is for 2017 and what truths you have learned about your 2016! See you next year, and don't forget to sign up to receive some New Year freebies in your inbox:


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