Why I Hate Resolutions and What to Do Instead



First of all, Happy 2017! We made it!

Second of all, I hate resolutions. I typically make them around December 1st in reaction to dumb shit I'm doing, enact them January 1st, break them January 2nd, and feel guilty until Valentine's Day.


Maybe this is because I'm undisciplined, but maybe it's just because I hate suffering. Have you ever seen those people in yoga who are clearly dying in pigeon pose but obsessed with getting their bodies flat to floor anyway? Yeah, no. Gimme those blocks.


Sooo many people I work with create New Year Resolutions out of guilt and need and then end up suffering as a result:

"I've been eating garbage and need to get into shape."
"My time management sucks and my productivity needs a makeover."
"I can't believe I'm still not finished with this project."
"I really need to get my life together."

Spoiler alert: Any resolution I make out of guilt, fear, or need isn't likely to make it to February. If you're anything like me, sweeping "I'll change everything right now" resolutions not only don't work, they also make me feel more guilty than if I didn't attempt to change in the first place.

If resolutions work for you, awesome. If not, consider this your permission to screw them. In fact, I actually have something better: a sustainable practice for self-improvement that is way less pressure and way more fun.


I've written a 30-day, interactive journaling workbook, and it's for you. For Free!


I've found that I don't actually need resolutions when stuff in my life is going well, and stuff in my life generally goes well when I am setting boundaries, speaking up, trusting my gut, practicing self care, feeding myself creatively, and not fighting my soul. If this sounds like you, join me in trading traditional resolutions for something better: a short, fun, daily writing practice for coming into alignment with yourself so that you don't need resolutions in the first place.

Plus, the journal is really pretty, if I do say so myself. If you choose to use it and end up loving it, send me a message and let me know how it's going for you or what changes you'd love see.


There's a print version and a web version, so, click here to learn more, or download your copy below:

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