Ask Yourself THIS to Get More Authenticity in Your Life

Want a more authentically aligned, meaningful, balanced work situation that feels great?

Of course you do! But how do you get it? I have some unconventional advice, and yes, it's about the meaning of life. Because before you can be truly successful at figuring out the HOW, you need a really clear sense of the WHY.

I have a general, unifying theory of life. Or at least the way we experience life from a human perspective.

Are you ready?

Life is a narrative…a long series of interconnected short stories that we tell ourselves with both clear and hazy beginnings, middles, and ends that bleed over into our next stories and the stories of every single other person we meet. In some stories, we are the protagonist. In others, the villain. If your story takes the form of a 1980s comic book, perhaps both! Throughout the course of your life, you will be a hero, a supporting character, an extra, and even a cameo, depending on which stories you’re inhabiting at which time.


But all the best stories have something in common: there’s something they are about, and then there’s something that they are ABOUT-about.


And it’s the about-about that defines them, gives them meaning, and acts as the constant, running thread.

Groundbreaking stuff, right?

Let me explain.

What is the Harry Potter series about?

A boy who finds out he’s a wizard and goes to magic school, where he uncovers a secret and must defeat an evil wizard in order to save the world, blah blah blah.

Yeah, but what is Harry Potter about-about?

Good versus evil. The power of friendship. The inherent rightness of equality and standing up for what you believe in.


Everyone can generally agree on the about, but the about-about is up for discussion. What I seized upon as meaningful in Harry Potter, the power of friendship, is meaningful because a deep sense of community brings me to life…friendship means something very important and very real to me. Another person may have gravitated straight toward the ongoing battle of good versus evil because that contains meaning for them. The about-about is highly personalized, and the subjectivity of it allows for a tremendous amount of choice.

The about is simply a lens, a wrapper, a container, a case to hold the the real stuff.

The about-about is the guts.


So...what about your story?

Who are chief amongst the cast of characters? What will the climax be? What are the monsters you need to slay to move to the next chapter?

Chances are, you already know your about. It’s easy to point out because it’s on the surface. But what about the guts?

getting to the heart of your about-about is what brings clarity to rest of the details.


So what about your guts? What is your about-about?


Leave a comment below and let me know what you're really about!

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