How to Know When to Ask for Advice and When to Shut Up and Make Things


Today, I'm going to keep it short and sweet. Because you have big things to do.

You are very responsible. You have carefully planned things out, and you make good decisions. You’ve done your research, bought the book, and sought out the enlightened masters of thought around the thing you want to make or do.


But it still doesn’t *feel* ready, perfect, polished, clear, coherent in any sense of the word or in any way that someone else could understand. How do you know when it’s time to get more advice, more trainings, more I’m-super-qualified bonafides…and when it’s time to take steps forward, even if they might be in the wrong direction?


Do any of these sounds familiar?

  1. If you (and everyone else around you) is tired of hearing you complain about your confusion, your paralysis, or your general stuckness, it’s time to shut up and make things.
  2. If you are consistently jealous of other people getting to do the things you want to do but somehow can’t, it’s time to shut up an make things.
  3. If you’ve purchased every book, course, guide, and guru with or without following through, you’re ready. It’s time to shut up and make things.
  4. If you know in your gut you were born for this, but a voice rises up and says, “Who are YOU to go after THAT?” you are already on the path. It’s time to shut up and make things.


When it’s time to shut up and make things-books, businesses, jobs, relationships, tiny humans, spiritual practices, etc-do these things:

Go dark. Get in your eggy cocoon and shut out the outside world and its two cents.

Go on a comparison detox. Reacquaint yourself with your own journey.

Go on a creative bender. Make whatever comes out of you, with no attachment, no judgment-you can take a step back and figure out what it is later.


Whatever you do, however you do it, go! Get going! It’s time!


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