Free Workshop:

Using the 7 Levels of Energy to Consciously Create Your Life

Friday, May 18th

at 11:30AM Pacific/2:30PM Eastern

In this free workshop, you'll learn:


  • How to do a Myers-Briggs like assessment, but for your energy or mindset

  • What the 7 Levels are and how they work

  • How stress affects your mindset

  • What your specific mindset blocks might be

  • How to shift your energy so you feel more motivated and creative

  • How to use the 7 Levels of energy to get unstuck

  • How to take the assessment for free and look at your combination of energy

  • How to get intentional about your mindset to create a life you'll love


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If you can't make it live, make sure you RSVP, and you'll receive a replay...but, there is something special involved for live attendees.