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Let's get you unstuck, build your clarity, and create the meaningful work (and life) you were meant for.

There are three ways we can work together:

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This "outward" program focuses on building the clarity you need to go from dreaming to doing.


Part personal development course and part strategic action planLive Your Calling is a 4-month, 1:1 coaching adventure for women who desire more passion and purpose from their work—and who are ready for clarity around what that "more" looks likeIn Live Your Calling, we’ll uncover your personal mission, discover your ideal work, and create a step-by-step plan to bring it to life.



This "inward" program focuses on using your inner authority as a divine launch pad to do good in the world.


Inner Truth Academy is a 3-month, group coaching container for soulful women who are tired of listening to everyone’s advice but their ownAfter discovering your biggest blocks to sovereignty, we’ll practice better boundaries and self-care and ritualize connecting with your intuition so you can kick people-pleasing and perfectionism to the curb. 


The Calling Connection



The Calling Connection is a 5-Part Masterclass for creative, passionate women who want to discover their calling and use it to do good in the world.

In this short and sweet downloadable masterclass, we explore each of the Calling Connectors—Heart, Mind, Soul, and Body, and use them to create a personal Calling Statement that serves as your North Star and guide to career clarity.

Working with Amy during one of the biggest career transitions of my life was exactly what I needed. I came to her with tons of ideas buzzing around in my head, and week by week, she guided me though customizing my life and my work, and building it exactly how I envisioned it to be. By the end of our time together, I had a clear path of how I would move forward. Her support was amazing and she did a great job at helping me discover the blocks holding me back from starting my own business. Without hesitation, I would recommend Amy!

-Carla R.

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Not sure which adventure is right for your situation? Let's talk about it!

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When Amy shows up in your life—with this impeccable Glinda the Good Witch timing—she doesn’t just bring a toolbox of assessments or self-help tropes. She brings her whole self, and session by session, she awakens what you need, and there you are: boldly shedding busted jobs, inert dreams, and stale expectations. If you’re ready to truly shine in your work and show up as yourself every day, then get some Amy Everhart in your life.

-Danita R.

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