Let's discover your calling and turn it into a career.

Have you ever thought “I’d love to have meaningful work that I enjoy and makes the world a better place?”

 Before I discovered my calling, I had every excuse in the book:

  • “Maybe I could start a business...but that’s unrealistic. I have to be the responsible one.”
  • “Maybe I could start a blog...but I’m not interesting enough.”
  • “Maybe I could work in a nonprofit...but am I qualified for that?”
  • “Maybe I could open a bakery...but who needs another bakery? How would that help the world?”

So instead of doing something meaningful, I procrastinated by watching Netflix and having existential meltdowns on the regular, wondering, “Even if I knew exactly what I wanted...how would it work? What would my parents say? How would I pay the rent? Will people judge me? What if I fail?"

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“I want to be one of those empowered, shiny people doing amazing things in the world! But I also want to be responsible. How do I get there?” 


If you’re anything like me, you secretly know you were meant for more. I’ve been down this path, and I can help you discover what “more” looks like and then how to get out of your own way.

Discovering your calling isn’t about draining your life savings or leaping into the unknown before you’re ready.

Discovering your calling is about embracing who you are-really are-and crafting a thoughtful plan to support your dreams, not scare them away.


 In our work together, we’ll discover your true calling and do the inner work of getting past the fears keeping you stuck, so you can make the impact you were born for.


Imagine doing work that supports you in being the fullest, most authentic version of yourself.

Imagine not feeling divorced from your true passions, but embodying them.

Imagine having a crystal clear mission, making a plan, and actually making progress instead of staying stuck in procrastination, perfectionism, and everyone else’s expectations.

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This is your container. This is your safe space to daydream, name, and claim your real desires, and create a plan to live them.

I was struggling to get through the day in a job I had lost my passion for, but I was stuck in fear of the unknown and guilt over leaving a career I had put so much into.  Amy has been an inspiring breath of fresh air, and every call with her leaves me feeling empowered, full of worth, and pretty badass.  She helped me get the strength to let go of expectations and find what I really love.

-Katie T.

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Book a Complimentary Call with Amy to see how it could work for you:

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After talking with Amy, choose your own adventure: an 8-Month Creative Mentorship, a 4-Month Purpose Plan, or a Clarity Power Hour.

Every experience is tailored to you, but here are a few things our calls might focus on:

  • Clarifying your calling to create a mission that moves you forward
  • Budgeting and figuring out how to better support yourself and make money from your mission
  • Reconnecting you to your inner wisdom instead of focusing on what you “should” be doing with your life
  • Shifting your patterns from procrastination to productivity
  • Taking off the good girl shoes and embracing who you were meant to be
  • Creating more time in your day to focus on your game plan for moving forward
  • Figuring out what you want versus what everyone else wants for you
  • Creating a step-by-step plan to launch your next job, side hustle, or business
  • Figuring out how your calling might impact the world in a positive way
  • Learning how to talk about your calling with people in your life who might be skeptical

Maybe it’s not impossible. Maybe your calling is trying to find you, too.


Hey! I'm Amy.

I’ve been a teacher, recruiter, nonprofit leader, and certified career coach. I help women discover and embody their calling by tapping into their inner authority, so they can make the impact they were born for.

I believe that you were born with a brilliant, beautiful purpose-a mark to make on humanity-and that deep down, you know you have that creativity, capability, and power. You are a force to be reckoned with when you’re unleashed, and I want to help you do the unleashing so you can find the career clarity and action you need.

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What would you be able to do if you trusted your truth and felt confident in your calling?

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When Amy shows up in your life—with this impeccable Glinda the Good Witch timing—she doesn’t just bring a toolbox of assessments or self-help tropes. She brings her whole self, and session by session, she awakens what you need, and there you are: boldly shedding busted jobs, inert dreams, and stale expectations. If you’re ready to truly shine in your work and show up as yourself every day, then get some Amy Everhart in your life.

-Danita R.


If you’re ready to discover your calling, embody your impact, and take action toward what you really want, I can help you do exactly that.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is coaching?

Coaching is basically a partnership that helps you figure out what you want and how to get it. As a coach, I'm on the same journey as you...I'm just a few steps ahead, so I can help you see the roadblocks in your way. I'm your cheerleader, support system, and magic mirror-I reflect your best self while still being real AF, loving you hard, and holding you accountable for showing up for yourself.

How much does it cost? What's the time commitment?

Totally depends on what you're looking for. Basically, we'll have a short intro call to get to know each other and figure out the best option for your goals, your calendar, and your budget. Flexible monthly payment plans are available.

What results can I expect to get?

After coaching, expect to feel way different than when you started. Since every coaching experience is tailored to you, every experience is different, but the most common feedback I get from clients is, "Whoa! I feel like I woke up from The Matrix, but in a good way! I know what I want, I have a plan, and I'm going for it! I didn't know I could feel this confident!"

We're not in the same city. Can we still work together?

Of course! Everything is done via Skype or Google Hangout, so we can have a virtual glass of wine together and work on your calling and direction from anywhere in the world.


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