Can you remember who you were before the world told you who to be?

In childhood, girls take up just as much space as boys. Messy. Loud. Opinionated. Confident.

And somewhere along the line, a fracture appears—a split between our authentic selves and who were "supposed" to be.

So instead of being our glorious, messy selves, we learn to dim our shine, pipe down and don the good girl shoes rather than becoming who we truly are.

What would it be like to feel that sovereign and sure of yourself again?

So what do you do after the fracture, when you deeply desire to live an empowered life and make a difference in the world, but you're stuck in people-pleasing, perfectionism, and self-doubt? 

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Join us for Inner Truth Academy



Inner Truth Academy is a 3-month, group coaching container for soulful women who are tired of listening to everyone’s advice but their own.

After discovering your biggest blocks to sovereignty, we’ll tap into your intuition, practice better boundaries, and ritualize connecting with your Inner Wise Woman so you can kick people-pleasing and perfectionism to the curb.



If you’re anything like me, you usually know what's holding you back, you just can't seem to get past it. In Inner Truth Academy, we'll bridge that gap between awareness and embodiment, so you can overcome:


  • Floppy boundaries and taking care of everyone but yourself
  • Constantly doubting your worth and giving away your power
  • The fear that you don't belong and resenting the "cool" girls who seem to have it all figured out
  • Not living up to your potential with your work in the world
  • Doubting your truth and not listening to your intuition
  • Feeling lonely and disconnected, and longing for a tribe of lovable weirdos like you
  • Comparing yourself to everyone else on social media
  • Listening to that inner critic voice that urges you to stay small, drowning out your authentic voice


Over the course of 6 training modules and 6 group coaching calls, you'll connect with your intuition and with other women like you.

By the end of our time together, you’ll ...


Valued at $3499

Your Investment = $699

**Monthly Payment Plans are available**


I was struggling to get through the day in a job I had lost my passion for, but I was stuck in fear of the unknown and guilt over leaving a career I had put so much into.  Amy has been an inspiring breath of fresh air, and every call with her leaves me feeling empowered, full of worth, and pretty badass.  She helped me get the strength to let go of expectations and find what I really love.

-Katie T.

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As you challenge your fears, limiting beliefs, and “shoulds,” your ripple effect grows, shaping not only your future, but the future of our world and all the girls and women who come after us. In Inner Truth Academy, we heal people-pleasing, perfectionism, and patriarchal wounds, not only for the sake of healing ourselves, but for the sake of service. It’s a legacy of self-improvement for the sake of leaving womankind better than you found her.


When you click the pink "sign up now" button, you'll be taken to the "booking" link, where you'll select your payment plan: one up-front payment of $699 or 3 monthly installments of $239.

Within 48 hours, you'll receive your welcome packet, first activity, and schedule of our group coaching calls.

Because of the intimate nature of sharing in circle with other women learning to reclaim their inner authority, space is limited, so sign up below.


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Your passions are on purpose, and your desire to make a meaning contribution to the world actually starts inward, with you. As you grow in sovereignty, clarity, and consciousness, so does your ability to share your purpose with the world. In Inner Truth Academy, we heal for a higher cause.

Here’s what we cover:

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Clear the Clutter: Removing Blocks

To set the foundation of our time together, we’ll move through the results of your ELI Assessment (like a Myers-Briggs for mindset) to get exceptionally clear on what’s really holding you back. Then we’ll begin removing your blocks and rewriting your stories.



Live With Intention: Design Your Life

In this session, we’ll break the rules of what work success and fulfillment are “supposed” to look like and intentionally design your ideal life by tapping into your most authentic desires and the impact you most want to make.

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The Roadmap to Alignment: Mission Clarity

In this session, we’ll uncover the purposeful work you’re meant to do and create a vision of how it meaningfully and positively impacts the world. Then, we’ll create personal practices to keep you motivated, focused, and aligned with your big picture goals.

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The Metrics of Freedom: Dealing with Money

In this session, we’ll makeover your money mindset and lose any outdated notions of what work and earning are “supposed” to look like. Then, we’ll number-crunch to get a realistic picture of what you need to receive from your purposeful hustle and ways to make that a reality.



The Metrics of Sovereignty: Dealing with Time

In this session, we’ll evaluate your current time management habits, make space in your calendar to focus on launching your purposeful career or business, and create personal productivity rituals to make sure your priorities get done.


The Blueprint to Clarity: Taking Aligned Actions

In this session, we’ll build on the clarity and awareness we’ve gained by tying it all together and taking action. We’ll narrow down your purposeful career or business ideas, choose 2-3 directions for exploration, and strategically “taste test” each path to find the right fit.


The Investment:

$699 total or 3 monthly payments of $239


What You’ll Receive:


  • Six 2-hour group coaching sessions over the course of 3 months
  • An in-depth program workbook with assignments and insights between coaching sessions
  • Six audio and video training sessions
  • Bonus discounts on future classes and programs
  • A free copy of Soul Scribbles, the 30-day Journaling Guide

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When Amy shows up in your life—with this impeccable Glinda the Good Witch timing—she doesn’t just bring a toolbox of assessments or self-help tropes. She brings her whole self, and session by session, she awakens what you need, and there you are: boldly shedding busted jobs, inert dreams, and stale expectations. If you’re ready to truly shine in your work and show up as yourself every day, then get some Amy Everhart in your life.

-Danita R.

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Inner Truth Academy is for you if you desire:


  • More sovereignty and the ability to be fully self expressed without fear of what others think
  • A greater sense of of connection to their intuition and and inner wisdom
  • Better boundaries, self-care, and the ability to say no with grace and groundedness
  • Spiritual practices based on their inner authority rather than outer “supposed to’s”
  • More authenticity in claiming their desires rather than constantly comparing themselves to other
  • More meaning, presence, passion, purpose, and confident queenliness in their work and relationships

Meet Amy

I’ve been a teacher, recruiter, nonprofit leader, and certified coach. I'm here to mobilize, empower, and inspire the do-gooders and creatives of the world.

I believe that you were born with a brilliant, beautiful purpose—a mark to make on humanity—and that deep down, you know you have that creativity, capability, and power. You are a force to be reckoned with when you’re unleashed, and I want to help you do the unleashing so express your voice and make your impact.


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What would you be able to do if you trusted your truth?

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