Have you ever thought, “This whole career thing would be so much easier if someone just told me what to do?”


I remember the moment I realized I didn't trust myself.

I thought, “I feel like I was meant to be creative or make a difference, but that's not who I'm supposed to be. Is what I want realistic? Am I the crazy one here?"

I don’t know about you, but I am a ninja at walking into a room, figuring out who I’m “supposed to” be, and then morphing into that shape. No wonder it took me so long to find career clarity and discover my calling-I was listening to everyone but myself! And I’ve found out the hard way that everyone else’s version of “supposed to” is my least favorite version of me.


Welcome to Trust Your Truth, a free email course designed to help you name and claim what's right for you and kick the "supposed to's" to the curb.



Trust Your Truth: The Email Course

In this free course, you’ll learn 5 simple, actionable practices to build your truth muscles so you can discover your calling and make the impact you were born for. Enjoy:

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 Trusting my truth helped me stop worrying about what I “should” be doing and focus instead on what I wanted. That's what I want to share with you.


Imagine losing the people-pleasing, perfectionism, and “supposed to’s.”

Imagine having the clarity to know your direction and the courage to trust it.

Trusting your truth is the only thing you need to build a career you love and open a pathway out of overwhelm and into action.


If you’re ready to trust your truth and discover your calling, this free, 5-day email course is designed to help you say goodbye to the good girl shoes in a fun and easy way.

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Trust Your Truth: The Email Course

5 Free, Daily Practices to Get You Started.

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Meet Amy

In addition to being an inner authority evangelist, I'm a teacher and certified career coach for women who want to change the world.

Born into the ultra religious and conservative culture of the Deep South, I quickly learned to twist myself into shapes in order to make other people more comfortable, and trying to keep up with all the "should's" and "supposed to's" kept me from figuring out what impact I wanted to make with my career. Now, I lead courses and work one-on-one with women who want to trust their truth and discover their calling. I believe in talking back, making a fuss, and the ripple effect women's empowerment has on the world.

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Trust Your Truth: The Email Course

5 Free, Daily Practices to Get You Started.

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