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I help creative, passionate women make a difference. Let's get started!

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I'm a creative, passionate woman who wants to make a difference, but I'm not sure how. 


I'm an Aspiring Entrepreneur who wants to start and nourish a business that makes a difference. 


I have an impactful career or biz, but I need help being focused, productive, and getting out of my own way.


Let's find your path so you can make an impact.


In a culture that encourages women to rely on others, entrepreneurship is a feminist act. In fact, for a woman, the very act of taking up space and earning money is transgressive in the best possible way. You—and your passion—deserve to take up that space.

Your passion is valid, and so are you.

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Working with Amy gave me the clarity and focus I needed to take all the buzzing energy I had around SO MANY IDEAS and direct it toward the path toward accomplishing my goals. The space she creates for her clients to uncover their own genius is a loving extension of her genius—I cannot recommend her enough. The crystal clear direction you come away with makes every moment with Amy and with her work absolute priceless. The work I've created in her care has been such a good representation of my purpose, and has felt more meaningful than any work I've done before. 

-Kimberly Pendleton of Heart Space






I can offer you a spiritual journey and a practical playbook, a soul blueprint and an action guide: a pathway to creating the kind of work that sustains your soul and your bank account.

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