I am obsessed with the authorship of identity.

I was born into a culture that encouraged fitting in at all costs.  I learned to twist myself into shapes in order to make other people more comfortable and became terrified of my own truth.  Now, I empower women to take off their own straight jackets and embody their truths and soul missions.  It's much easier to job search and run your biz that way.

I am very accomplished at coaching, making drinks with Grand Marnier, and wearing vintage sunglasses.  I'm a high heel and swear word enthusiast who routinely gets into random conversations with strangers about the meaning of life.  My current all-consuming passions include Rupaul, indie music, empty journals, and the ripple effect women’s empowerment has on the world.


My Journey:



I was born the wakeful one in a place that did not value wakefulness.  It was not the worst place on the planet to be different, but it was a small place with very few options and very little patience for anything out of the ordinary.  I was the different one-the weirdo-and at first, I didn’t know that was a bad thing.

I quickly learned a very clear message about being different, thinking deeply, looking for the truth, and speaking up: Shut that shit down. Now.

That was the part I sucked at it.  I found the pieces of myself that were unacceptable and difficult for other people, and I cut them off and threw them in the garbage can.  They called out, desperate to be sewn back on.  I put the lid on the can and went into another room.  They called out louder.  No matter what I did, I couldn’t quite shut down my true self completely, but I tried.  Hard.

Chapter Two: If I follow the plan, I'll be happy.  Right?

My parents were extremely clear about my life plan, or as I knew it: The Only Right Way To Do Things. Adventuring around the world, living in a yurt in Tibet, innovating to start a groundbreaking business, empowering women, writing a game changing book, finding a soul purpose, and fundamentally changing humanity? These were not part of the plan.

I got everything I was supposed to want, and I was miserable.  I could recite The Plan by heart, but I secretly suspected that the plan might be bullshit, or at least not right for me.  I had nothing to base this on other than a deep aching in my gut that something was off.  I told the aching to shut up and filled it with more ice cream.  It was bad.

The problem with being in deep soul pain is that doesn’t fade.  You can’t just ugly cry it out in the shower and then move on.  When something in your life or career is deeply, deeply out of alignment with your soul, it just sits there in your gut, growing, gaining mass, and infecting everything around it, and even when you forget for a moment it’s there, something catches your attention, just out of the corner of your eye, and the dense thud in your belly lands again, harder than before, knocking the wind out of you and leaving you paralyzed, feeling broken.


CHAPTER Three: Wandering in the career desert. and dessert.

Soul misalignment sucks in the job market.  When you are armed only with someone else’s life plan and a BA in English, it’s tough to get a job.  It’s even tougher to get a job you actually care about doing. 

Here is a non-exhaustive list of jobs I had while wandering through the career desert and sad-eating ice cream:

Cashier, preschool wrangler, middle school teacher, administrative assistant, nonprofit director, marketing and outreach coordinator (I think…I’m still not sure what the point of that job was), human resources representative, waitress, corporate recruiter, freelance copywriter.

Every time I thought: This is it!  Finally I’ll be able to relax, make money, enjoy my life.  Spoiler alert: it didn’t work that way.

Long story short: One day, my boss lost her shit about my use of italics in an email.  I lost my shit about my existential reality.  I knew something was off, and things needed to change.

Chapter Four: Alignment and authenticity

I moved to Los Angeles, and thought everything would be different.

And it was!  And, also, it wasn’t.

I had the same fears. I had the same insecurities. My husband and I got into the same fights. The walls of our new place were pepto-bismal pink, there were boxes everywhere, and I still didn’t know what to do with my life.

I really wanted to do something I loved, something that made the world better, but I was the responsible one, the caretaker.  I had bills and lived in the real world.  Helping people, being creative, and enjoying your life aren’t viable options for non-trust-fund-people like me. You can’t do something you love AND pay your bills, right?

Not exactly.  I hired a coach and changes ensued.  We coaxed my Authentic Self out of the box I had locked her in.

Conditioned Self vs. Authentic Self had many fights, and every time Authentic Self won, she got louder.

She demanded authenticity and insisted that living my life purpose was far preferable to being liked and approved of.  Conditioned Self winced, but Authentic Self promised that it was worth it. 

I began to gather up the pieces of myself I had cut off, and I started to restore them, welcoming them home.  And I was shocked at how easy things became.  My career mission became clear and freedom and connection seemed easy.

Not every moment of every day was perfect, but things started to be okay, and then they got great!

Now, I have a purposeful career where I make a difference in the world.  I can work remotely, travel, and get to do the creative things that light up my soul.  I am authentically me, and I can inject that authenticity into my work.

Not every journey is going to look the same, but I’ve learned that having your soul purpose align with your job isn’t a fairytale.  I’ve also learned that it feels really good to take the tape off your mouth.  The point is: you’re not alone.

What I believe:


I believe in making a fuss.

Be disruptive. Make a mess.  Get loud and stand up for what you believe in.

I believe in wearing your coronation clothes.

I believe that each woman on the planet was born with a crown of worth and sovereignty on her head, and for most of us, it got knocked off at some point.  I'm the one with the flashlight, pointing out that your crown's in the dirt.  I'm the one reminding you to pick it up.

I believe there is empowerment in authorship.

You are the heroine of your own story; not the love interest or the funny friend. You were born with a perfect internal compass, and it will never steer you wrong.  Read every book, listen to every expert, and then decide what resonates with you. You choose your identity. You choose your truth.  If your story sucks, just rewrite that shit.

I believe in wholeness.

Regardless of your wounds, who you are at your core is whole.  You don't need to fix yourself and make up for who you are.  You alone can anoint yourself worthy of what you want.  It's your birthright.

I believe Soul Purpose matters.

Your soul purpose is like an acorn, sitting quietly in the ground until conditions are right to sprout.  Your purpose isn't to consume mindlessly, suffer, pay bills, and die.  You only have so many years on the planet.  Why spend them without meaning? You have something to say, and you have a contribution to make. You're allowed to take up space to do that.  You're allowed to want your purpose to line up with your job.


Professional Bio:


Amy holds a BA in English and a Master’s in Teaching.  She has over 10 years experience coaching and teaching and has led non-profit programs that empower and inspire teachers and students to tell their stories through writing.  She earned her CPC (Certified Professional Coach) designation from iPEC, an ICF-accredited coach training program, and has served as a corporate recruiter and job placement specialist for companies of varying size.  She is known for her down-to-earth and practical approach to sophisticated concepts and strategies, and she currently serves as a social media strategist and coach for Days For Girls, a growing health and sustainability organization.  She is passionate about storytelling and the ripple effect women’s empowerment has on the world.

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