In a culture that encourages women to rely on men to support their needs, entrepreneurship is a feminist act. In fact, for a woman, the very act of taking up space and earning money is transgressive in the best possible way. You—and your passion—deserve to take up that space.

Your passion is valid, and so are you.


I work with passionate women who are here to make a difference.


Who I Support:


Aspiring Entrepreneurs who want to start and nourish a business that makes a difference.


Coaches, Bloggers, Teachers, Healers, Writers, Nonprofit Leaders, and Changemakers.


Makers and Creative Business Owners whose businesses have a higher why.

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Imagine your light, reflected back to you: crystal clear, luminous, vibrant.


I am here to midwife your purpose and vision as you birth it in the world.

I am here to reflect your brilliance back to you, like the moon, gently but brightly holding you to your own light.

I believe that true, deep, and sustainable service must be paired with nourishing, exquisite self care...because to keep pouring out, we need to fill up.

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In a world that bombards women with the message that their voices don’t matter, speaking up is a radical act. I want to help you create the space to allow your purposeful business—and your voice—to emerge with clarity.


I can offer you a spiritual journey and a practical playbook, a soul blueprint and an action guide.

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Let's take off the good girl shoes and make the impact you were born for.

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Working with Amy gave me the clarity and focus I needed to take all the buzzing energy I had around SO MANY IDEAS and direct it toward the path toward accomplishing my goals. The space she creates for her clients to uncover their own genius is a loving extension of her genius—I cannot recommend her enough. The crystal clear direction you come away with makes every moment with Amy and with her work absolute priceless. The work I've created in her care has been such a good representation of my purpose, and has felt more meaningful than any work I've done before. 

-Kimberly Pendleton of Heart Space






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